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How To Play Padel What You Need To Know

Padel is here for the long-term! The racket sport is dominating the world, but its origins are debated. Padel was first introduced as a sport in the year 1974. It is still playing according to the current rules. The sport has experienced a boom in Europe over the past few years. Padel in Sweden is the most popular sport and there are padel centers popping up everywhere. But, many don’t know anything about Padel. This article will show you how to play padel, the equipment you will need, and what rules apply.

What is the best way to play padel?

Padel (or tennis, or padel) is a racket sport that is best described as a hybrid of squash and tennis. It’s a fast-paced social sport that is simple to master and appropriate for everyone of any age. Padel’s greatest advantage and possibly the reason it has grown in popularity, is its capacity to be played by players of all levels of ability and ages. It is not dependent on strength or serving skill. Padel is about teamwork and strategy between you and your partner , and not so much about strength.

Padel is usually played in pairs. Padel is played on a field separated by nets. However, unlike tennis, padel may also be played against walls, similar to squash. The normal padel pitch measures 10x20m and is enclosed with walls. In this kind of pitch the games are played in pairs. Padel is played on a smaller surface (6 20m x 6).

A partner with two rackets for padel and a ball

Padel is an easy game that doesn’t require any accessories. It requires two rackets, a partner, and an inflated ball. Padel rackets are built out of a composite material and the playing surface is coated by tiny holes. In the end, the strokes are less energetic and powerful. There are three kinds of padel rackets, namely the round diamond-shaped, drop-shaped, and the round. Because it gives the best control of the ball, the round padel racket has been believed to be the best suited for most players, Read More From Here beginners to competitive level. The round racket is usually known as the control racket. The ball used to play padel is similar to tennis balls, just slightly less soft.

Padel rules

To a large degree the rules of padel are the same as in tennis, with the exception that in padel you serve by bouncing the ball across the floor and lower than hip height. A set of rules is also in place for the walls. Padel matches are usually made out of three to five sets. A set is the first six-game winning side. Padel is a sport where you earn points when you win.

the ball bounces around on the ground two times on the opposing side

the opponent hits the ball into the net

the opponent hits the ball outside of the play area, i.e. outside of the cage, or against one your walls

the ball is thrown by the opponent in their grid

An opponent is hit with the ball.