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How To Play Padel All You Need To Know

Padel is in the long run! Padel is a racket sport that has taken the world by storm. But, the origins are not clear. In any case it wasn’t until 1974 when padel first emerged as a game played in accordance with the rules that apply to the present day. The sport has experienced growth in Europe in recent years. In Sweden, padel is the fastest-growing sport and there are padel clubs appearing in every city. Yet, most people aren’t aware of the technique of the game of padel. We will show you how to play padel and provide information about what you require and the rules.

How do you play padel?

The padel racket sports is also referred to as tennis or padel, can be described as a combination of tennis and squash. It’s a fast-paced, social game that is accessible to everyone and is simple to master. The biggest benefit of Padel and the main reason it has grown in popularity, is its ability to be played by players of all levels of ability and ages. It is not dependent on strength or serving skills. Padel is more about cooperation and strategy between you and your partner instead of power.

Padel is usually played in pairs. Padel is played on a field separated by a net. But, unlike tennis, padel can also be played against walls like in squash. The normal padel pitch measures 10×20 meters and is surrounded with walls. It is ideal for doubles play. Padel is also played in singles on pitches that are narrower (6 20×20 meters).

A player, two padel rackets and a ball

Padel is an easy game that doesn’t require a lot of accessories. It requires two rackets, a partner, and a ball. Padel rackets are built from a composite material, and the surface of the ball is adorned with tiny holes. In the end, the strokes are less energetic and powerful. Padel rackets are available in three designs: round, drop-shaped and diamond-shaped. Since it offers the best control the round racket has been considered to be the most appropriate for most players, from beginners to competitive level. The round racket is often known as the control racket. The ball used to play the game of padel is akin to a tennis ball, but slightly Discover More soft.

Padel rules

To a large degree the rules for padel are the same as in tennis, except that in padel, you serve by bouncing the ball over the ground and below hip height. Additionally, specific rules apply with regards to the walls. Padel games are typically made from between three and five sets. Sets are the initial winning side that has won six games. Padel is a sport where you earn points when you score

the ball bounces around on the ground two times on the opposing side

the ball gets thrown into the net

The ball is hit by the player outside the play zone, i.e. outside the cage or against your wall

The ball is thrown by the opponent into their grid

An opponent is hit with the ball.