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Why is Padel So Popular

Padel is thought to be the racquet sports of the present, because it’s among the fastest-growing sport in the world. Padel has seen a rapid increase over the past 25 years. There are now over 10,000,000 players and 4000 clubs of padel around the globe. It is predicted to increase.

Padel is a popular sport because of its popularity. is so popular:


Its simplicity has made it so well-known. It is effortless to learn for players of all ages and abilities. If you’ve played or even tried other racquet sports like badminton or squash previously, it will take only a few minutes to master the game. It is much Discover More straightforward than tennis and can be picked up in less time. Hence, the players are more eager to play and enjoy the game right from the beginning.

Social Aspect

Padel’s social aspect is another reason behind its popularity. Since the padel court is smaller than the tennis court The distance between players is also smaller. Because the court size is less, it allows for more communication between players. Social conversation is an integral part of the game, making it so popular. You can also spend some spending time with family, friends as well as business partners or colleagues. Padel is an enjoyable and social game.

Padel Is Not as Physically Exhausting than similar sports

Padel is significantly less physically demanding than other racquet sports particularly tennis. Padel is a fantastic training sport that provides an aerobic workout. However, the movement isn’t as intense like other racquet sports. Furthermore, the likelihood of injuries is relatively small. This is the reason why many older tennis players choose to switch to padel whenever they believe that tennis is too much for their body. It is possible to increase the intensity of your training if you want to push yourself further.

Low Cost

Padel is more affordable game than tennis that you can play regularly. The costs for renting court are typically similar to a tennis court. However, since there are always four players on the court since the game is played doubles, the rent cost per person is lower.

In terms of the construction process, because Padel courts are considerably smaller in dimensions than tennis courts, there is less space required to construct the courts. Smaller dimensions also reduce the cost and amount of the needed materials.


Although the scoring system and rules of padel are the same as in tennis, the idea is completely different. Because padel is unique, players can utilize the walls of glass surrounding the court to return the ball in order to play the point. It gives the game a completely new significance. There are two kinds of tennis court fencing options offered by Tenniskit24. Panorama Fencing system combines a great view with a minimal design. glass panel connections do not have posts made of steel that are vertical. Standard Fencing is the more traditional and simple style.