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What Is The Most Effective Paddle Tennis Racquet?

It is important to first know the main features of a racquet for paddle tennis. The ideal paddle tennis racquet is the one that is best suited to your sport. These are a few of the most crucial factors that will determine your playing level and the way you play.

The form of the paddle:

The paddle tennis racquet comes in many shapes, but to benefit your game, choose the one with an elongated shape. The entire weight of a teardrop paddle will be placed in the middle of the racquet. These paddles are lightweight and not heavy. They will also be light and comfortable. paddles will have their perfect place on the top of the head. They will help in faster swings with ambient aerodynamics, when compared to a racquet having a round shape. Professional paddle tennis players love the teardrop-shaped paddle. It offers a great balance of control, power, and speed.

The weight of the paddle

Racquets typically come in different weights, and heavier ones are best to maintain control on the court. However, heavier racquets are favored by professionals to instill strength in their short. However, we suggest to increase the weight of your paddle according to your weight, height as well as sex and fitness level. Women should choose the paddle which weighs 350-370 grams since they will be easier for them to handle, and will give them Learn More Here control.

Paddle material:

Paddle tennis racquets are available in a wide range of materials. You should pick one that provides the perfect combination of toughness, firmness and flexibility. Pay keen attention to the surface of the paddle, since the impact of this surface can affect the performance and feeling of the paddle. Carbon frame racquets render the best combination of strength and firmness and also come with plastic guard protection. Pick softer racquets for shots with power as they are very elastic and harder racquets will give you better control on the court.

The grip of the racquet

Be attentive to the design and length of the grip as well as the handle of the paddle as they aid in playing the game for long periods without feeling any discomfort. Choose a grip that accommodates your hands effectively and is padded enough to remain comfortable on your hand. If you need a larger grip, it is a good idea not to utilize overgrips. It is crucial to change the grip on a regular basis, since sweat can make it less sturdy.

Material of core importance

Pick paddles that have soft polyethylene foam since it helps you feel the power of every shot but beware that soft foam paddles can give you less power when smashing. Look for the amount of ball output in the paddle to determine how fast the ball bounces off the tennis racquet. EVA rubber foam that is moderately flexible and hard is suitable for professional tournaments as well as high-speed matches. Also, paddles with EVA cores are more durable. A hybrid paddle is one that combines EVA and foam. The paddles are made of the foam layer, which is enclosed by EVA rubber and are extremely durable.