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Coding demo

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// type definitions for Cypress object "cy"
// <reference types="cypress" />

import HomePage from '../../support/PageObjects/HomePage';
import CheckoutPage from '../../support/PageObjects/CheckoutPage';
import BillingPage from '../../support/PageObjects/BillingPage'

describe('Automation Test Suite ', function() {

//Mostly used for Setup Part
this.data=data ;

it('My First Test Case', function() {
//Object Creation for PageObject Page Class and assigning it to a constant variable

const homePage=new HomePage();
const checkoutPage= new CheckoutPage();
const billingPage=new BillingPage();



//Checking whether the Registration is successful and whether UserName is populated under login section

cy.screenshot('Capturing the screenshot after successful login');

use strict'

var extend = require('extend')
var cookies = require('./lib/cookies')
var helpers = require('./lib/helpers')

var paramsHaveRequestBody = helpers.paramsHaveRequestBody

// organize params for patch, post, put, head, del
function initParams (uri, options, callback) {
if (typeof options === 'function') {
callback = options

var params = {}
if (options !== null && typeof options === 'object') {
extend(params, options, {uri: uri})
} else if (typeof uri === 'string') {
extend(params, {uri: uri})
} else {
extend(params, uri)

params.callback = callback || params.callback
return params

function request (uri, options, callback) {
if (typeof uri === ‘undefined’) {
throw new Error(‘undefined is not a valid uri or options object.’)

var params = initParams(uri, options, callback)

if (params.method === ‘HEAD’ && paramsHaveRequestBody(params)) {
throw new Error(‘HTTP HEAD requests MUST NOT include a request body.’)

return new request.Request(params)

function verbFunc (verb) {
var method = verb.toUpperCase()
return function (uri, options, callback) {
var params = initParams(uri, options, callback)
params.method = method
return request(params, params.callback)

// define like this to please codeintel/intellisense IDEs
request.get = verbFunc(‘get’)
request.head = verbFunc(‘head’)
request.options = verbFunc(‘options’)
request.post = verbFunc(‘post’)